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Dyno Rev Updates




Greetings Shareholders,


The first of the year is quickly fading into the rearview mirror, and we are rolling into Spring. I know many of you have asked for more information and updates more often. I can attest that we try our best to update our shareholders as quickly as possible when anything new develops.  


At the time of this update we are experiencing traction in the area of building out our test models for third party validation. We are currently negotiating with a company who has estimated that we can cut our new prototypes for a fraction of the cost previously thought. This would be a huge and positive step for us because our biggest setback has been a lack of  production or output data that can be verified. If we can build 4-6 sample engines and get them into the hands of independent testing companies, we will have the gold in our hands!


Many of the large capital investment companies and equity partners that we sit down with all eventually ask the same question, "What will it do?" If we can prove what we have, we will have the inertia to propel KDR in the direction it needs to go. 


Thank you for your patience in understanding that we are constantly exploring viable options to bring this company and proven concept to market. Most often when you have not recieved an update, it is due to the fact that we are working harder than ever to bring our concept to complete fruition and reality. We are always anxious to share anything of substance, that has developed, with our shareholders!


Thank you,


Nathan Kern









Season Geetings Shareholders,


The time of year we all look forward to with anticipation of great holiday parties, family gatherings, making wonderful food, great memories and sharing our blessings wih others, is upon us! Meanwhile, here at KDR, we are patiently waiting for the shoe to drop. We have several different options regarding implementation, going into the new year, and are intent that things will fall into place quickly! Here at KDR, we wholeheartely beleive that 2017 will bring us massive leaps forward in the trajectory of our company. Currently, we are staging for a company evaluation by a firm, interested in purchasing our concept. This is exciting as it shows our progress in the communiuty as a viable option in the market.  I continue to believe that we possess the best answer to the problems that plague the electric transportation industry! Thank you for your constant support and belief, not just in our incredible product, but also in our team and it's continued efforts.  We wish all of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year going into 2017! 


Warmest Regards,


KDR Management Team








Yes...Its been a few months since we posted any relative news. Here is why:


As many of you all know, we have been involved in a investigation for awhile now. We were on hold for a period of time and needed to find out our position for moving forward. Also, to get approval to move forward as a company. I'm pleased to announce, that we have been cleared to move forward as a company. Our technology is sound and has no negative claims against it. This time period of waiting has been long and tiresome, but we are ready to hit the ground running again. We have already had progress with potential partners and CES Capital Group. We are excited for the future possibilities in partnering, and feel confident in the strategy we have for moving forward.  

Thank you all for your patience and positive feedback. 
Nathan Kern







I know it has been a little while since we have posted an update and we understand the need to keep you informed. There isn't a lot at this point happening. We are in a waiting period for a few things to happen of which I will not go into at this time, however we have a great partnership with CES Capital that we are happy about. Starting on April 20th, the board, I and CES representatives will be meeting to discuss the plan for future progress. We have great potential and are very close to the strategic alliances we need to go forward. We will update you as things move forward.


Nathan Kern, CEO






Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! We here at KDR/KE, would like to wish you a wonderful time this season. We hope it is filled with family, friends and lots of good memories. We are excited for the future and are looking forward to giving you exciting updates in the coming 2016. God Bless each of you for your prayers, good thoughts and patience.


Happy Holidays,


Management Team






Greetings Shareholders,


Well, it’s a beautiful day here on the California coast, and I wanted to give you the latest new that I am ecstatic about. As you know, we have been searching to find the right partnerships, investors and relationships to take us to the next level. Although many have come and gone, we never had the right fit. This was for many reasons: many wanted to be paid upfront or take half of the company before proving their worth or doing anything. Mark has been a champion fighter for shareholders interest. We have done our best to point the company toward success every chance we can.


It is with that in mind that I am pleased to announce our new partnership with a company that has deep relationships globally and the right connections to get us funded and to the next level. CES Capital has a great history of success and are familiar with the challenges we have been through. Going forward, you will see changes taking place and exciting news announcements. Please keep in mind, we are updating with information we have confidence in. There is a lot of work to do with regards to this new relationship and progressive move. Please give us time and patience we need to put the pieces in place. Please do not send questions to our new partners or any requests for updates, they will not have anything to tell you as this is a new relationship.


Thank you for your continued support. Looking forward to great progress. 




CES Capital Groupwww.ces-cap.com





Greetings Shareholders,


We are finishing this week out and feel extremely excited for our future. We will be sharing more details as we move forward on how we are locking down strategic relationships that are in the best interest of the product and shareholders. It has been a week of planning and taking through everything from "rethinking company structure" to "how we want to enter the market" kind of week. I couldn't feel more positive and directed than I do about where we are and where these recent alliances will take us. When the timing is right, the pieces fit how they are suppose to fit.


Keep the faith.


Nathan Kern, CEO






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